Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wenatchee Area Condos For Sale: 02/13/08

Here is a link to the current inventory of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee condos for sale. I have also included Cashmere condos.
Under $210,000:
Over $210,000:
Cashmere condos:

These links will be active for 30 days.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Affordable Housing Post Challenged

My last post was about Wenatchee condos being the new "affordable housing" available. One reader took exception to the post and really ragged on me. Since it's buried in the comments section of the previous post and easy to miss, thought I would make it a post of it's own with my reply for all to read.

Anonymous commenter:
"how is that affordable? when wenatchee wages are not the same as seattle's? and the way of live here is totally different than there we can not have housing prices as Seattle and the rent is wa out of control here people are losing the rental to for closure so unless you are out there looking for a home or selling a home not a restate agent ether i mean a person that knows because i am going through all that sold my home for less than my real estate agent wanted me to had it on market for 15 months now that's good market yeah right my husband and i are needing to rent you know because when we bought this house 3 years ago it passed with flying colors on all inspections now could not pass same inspector funny huh so they are taking my prophet to pass inspection and leaving me with nothing for new home my husband has medical isues like conjestive heart failure how far is the reantal market for me now not so untill you liveed it you just dont know".

Carol's reply:
"Anonymous: Sounds like you've been through some challenging times. I couldn't ascertain a question in your comment, so I'm not sure how to respond.

I have no idea what your circumstances were and I wasn't involved in the marketing of your home so I can't comment on the issue of your home taking so long to sell and the problems associated with that. My experience that well priced homes (other than high end homes) were selling well.

My post was really directed at first time homebuyers trying to get started in the home buying process. Sounds like you've already been there and have had a difficult set of circumstances which required you to sell and turn to the rental market for housing.

Nevertheless, Wenatchee condos DO offer the most affordable, comfortable, opportunity to buy a home available. There are fully renovated condos starting at around $95,000. This IS affordable compared to single family homes and, in many cases, less expensive than trying to rent an apartment or home.

As for comparing our market to Seattle, there is no comparison. But, there are good paying and low paying jobs everywhere... and a full range of home (and rental) prices to serve the consumers. If you have a specific question for me, I'd be happy to try to answer it.

If you're just frustrated and need a place to rant that's fine too.

Best Regards!
Carol "

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What do you all think of the affordability factor in Wenatchee?