Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stoney Court Condos: Wenatchee

The Stoney Court condo development is coming along nicely. There are a total of 7 phases (buildings) in the total project and it is on a 2 year build out schedule.

Building Two was started first (address 1750 Central Ave.). It is nearing completion, with interior finishes being done at this time. All units should be available for occupancy by late November. There are four pre-sold units and four units still available for purchase in this first phase building. Prices for available units are from $293,900 - $302,900. These will be the least expensive units in the entire development. Here is the link for all currently available units in this building. The "P" means "Pending". When you click the link, you will get a spreadsheet. Click on the "list #" link to get details for the individual units. Click on "Photo Tour" to get an idea of the incredible attention to details in these units.

Building 1 (address 1770 Central) is nearing completion on the exterior, just in time for the crews to move inside during the cold weather. There are several pre-sold units in this building but here are all currently available units as of today.

Units in Building 3, which is scheduled next (footings are poured) will be $10,000 per unit higher for the same floor plans as Building 2, which was the first building to be constructed.

I've been impressed with the quality of construction and attention to detail in these units. If you'd like to arrange a preview please let me know. These are available by appointment only at this time.

Please contact me for additional information:

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