Friday, March 14, 2008

Leavenworth Condos For Sale: 03/14/2008

Here is a link to the current inventory of Leavenworth condos for sale. Prices range from $247,500 - $725,625. 1733 square feet is the largest in the group of units.

There are currently 3 condo sales showing pending, ranging in price from $229,000 to $455,000.

I have noticed some projects being pulled off the market, for lack of sales. Don't know if they plan to re-list or not.


Geordie Romer said...

The project you refer to is still on the market, just not listed with it's former listing agent. They continue to sell and are available for purchase. Leavenworth has a few different condo "markets" and buyers really should know how zoning will effect their use and resale. It's about much more than price.

Carol said...

Hi Geordie,
Thanks for the input. We're noticing an increase in Spring activity for condos in Wenatchee. How about Leavenworth?